7 August 2024 – Matthew Maclennan

Matthew Maclennan provides the music for our third summer dance programme on the 7th of August. Please remember the 7pm start time. The programme is listed below. Links take you to the dance description on the Strathspey Scottish Country Dance Database where you can view cribs, dance diagrams and (in most cases), videos.

You can follow this link to the SCDDB programme to generate a crib in your preferred format. If you prefer MiniCrib format you can download that here: 7 August 2024 MiniCrib.

1. Pelorus Jack J32 3/4L Skelton: RSCDS XLI
2. Summer Wooing R32 3/4L Macpherson: RSCDS XXXVIII
3. The Singing Sands S32 3/3L Priddey: Silver Rose
4. Loch Fitty Jig J32 3/4L Austin: Dunfermline Collection
5. Polharrow Burn R32 5/5L Foss: Magazine
6. Foxhill Court S32 3/4L Drewry: Canadian
7. The Markinch Mars Bar King J32 3/4L Priestley: In Honour of Volume 1
8. Bratach Bana R32 3/4L Drewry: RSCDS 30 popular, Vol 2
9. EH3 7AF J32 3/4L Goldring: RSCDS XL
10. Scott Meikle R32 4/4L McLean: RSCDS XLVI
11. Barbara's Strathspey S32 3/4L McKinnell: RSCDS XLVI
12. The Snake Pass J32 3/4L Churnside: Life b.a. 40
13. A Trip to Bavaria R32 4/4L MacGregor-Brown: Collins SCD
14. The Moray Rant S48 3/3L Drewry: Silver City
15. Follow Me Home J32 3/4L Briscoe: RSCDS XXXVIII
16. The Deil amang the Tailors R32 3/4L RSCDS XIV